Is a logo a brand?

Is a logo a brand?

To cut it short, no, a logo isn’t a brand but an integral part of a brand.

What is a logo?

logo is a symbol made up of text and graphical elements that identifies a business.


What is a brand?

A brand is a sum of many parts. A brand is everything that someone experiences with your business, product or service-online or offline, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Overwhelming concept hey!

Some businesses spend millions defining and protecting their brand. From the colours right through to how staff speak to customer’s in-store (think Maccas).

I create “visual identities” for businesses to a level that they want.

The core of a visual identity is the logo, colour palette and typography.

Some businesses choose to expand on this and have stationery, icons, marketing collateral designed, car wraps, signage etc etc.

All are building blocks to creating recognition within your customers.


What is a basic style guide?

What is a basic style guide?

A basic style guide defines your logo and outlines what colours and fonts you should use.

Logo, colour and typography are the three key components to your business’s brand and visual identity.

A style guide is needed to help keep key elements of your business’s visual brand identity consistent.

The style guide shows you the logos, fonts and colours that form part of your identity and should be used consistently in all your print, marketing collateral and social media.

Below is an example of a basic style guide using an “Example” business.


Basic style guide example by Piko Piko Designs
What is a “digital logo suite”?

What is a “digital logo suite”?

A digital logo suite is a collection of different versions of your logo for use in print and screen/web applications. 

As a general rule of thumb, anything for:

Print use CMYK 300dpi eps

Screen / Web use RGB 72 or 144ppi jpeg or png

Now, let me explain all the terminology…


CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black) and are the four primary colours (inks) that make up the traditional printing spectrum, and also computer printers. 

RGB means Red, Green and Blue and are the light colours emitted from a screen. RGB is the colour mode to use for screen, digital or web use.

Mono is one colour, generally black.



DPI = dots per inch
Dots per inch is a printing measurement. Traditional printing uses small dots to create all the different colours of the spectrum.

PPI = pixels per inch
A pixel is a small unit of a display screen.  72 pixels per inch is the standard or screen resolutions of screens. 144ppi is becoming more common for use on higher definition screens.

High = 300dpi
High resolution files are used for printing.

Low / Medium = 72 / 144ppi
Medium and low resolution files are used for screen.



Pixel is a unit of a screen. Pixel based files are jpegs and pngs.

Probably the most common pixel based file format, used in both print and screen. All photos are saved as .jpeg (or .jpg) in either RGB, CMYK or Greyscale, at different resolutions. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. JPEGS can be compressed to different qualities from low – maximum. Low compression leads to loss of pixel information and can make the photo look blurry.

PNG images are pixel based and are generally used when you want transparency in your graphic. Meaning Portable Network Graphic, these files can be saved at different resolutions in greyscale and RGB and are for screen use.


Vector files are line based files rather than pixels or dots. For example, a vector file of a square is made up of 4 lines, not a square of pixels. Vector files are not affected by resolution. They can be scaled up or down without any loss of quality. Vector files are eps and pdf files.

An eps is an Encapsulated Postscript File and is vector based. These files are generally produced by industry drawing programs and are used for print. They are scalable without losing quality.

PDFs have become one of the most commonly used files these days, used a lot for documents, contracts and books. PDF means Portable Document File and are widely accepted by operating systems, software and devices. They can be provided as black, greyscale or colour in many resolutions, vector or pixel based. The pdf logo file I provide is vector based.



Sometimes a logo will be designed in different orientations giving its use more versatility.

Portrait is higher than it is wide.

Landscape is wider than it is high.


Please note, there are many different kind of files and uses. The above are just the ones I provide in my digital logo suite.

If you need your logo supplied in a specific format just ask.